S.A.T.S. SMALL ARMS TRAINING SIMULATOR Cyberdome brings ground training simulation to a whole new level. A modular system that allows training at the edge of technology while being accessible to any budget.  Cyberdome S.A.T.S. is the most advanced and cost effective shooting simulator in the market today
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Cyberdome delivers MK-16E Simu-Seat to L-3 in Mesa AZ. The seat will be mounted on the new F35 cockpit at NASA Ames Research Center in CA.
F/A-18E SUPER HORNET FTD  Cyberdome finishes developing the new F/A-18E FTD.  The  system features full plug and play interface for the displays on the  instrument panel, functional HUD collimated to the W.O.W. screen  at  12 feet,  optically  correct   windshield  and  functional  canopy,  electric  actuated  ejection  seat  and  many  other  features.  This  equipment  is  just  another  example  of  Cyberdome  design and  manufacturing capability.
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